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Passionate About Human Behaviour


“I strongly believe that the user must be the starting and ending point of every
business process.”

I've been always curious to understand the reasons behind our behaviour, the choices we make, and the process that makes us do what we do in the way we do. I enjoy shaping and organising the surrounding environment in a way that is the most functional, convenient, and usable to achieve an aim.


I can say that my interest in human behaviour and in “making things better” started with my first employment in the catering business. During my days, I'd make sure that clients could receive the most satisfactory and comfortable experience while ensuring everything was visually curated and beautifully presented.

I'd observe people's most common behaviours, reactions, and main pain points and with “gut statistics” I'd try to come up with new arrangements and ideas to increase the next customer's satisfaction even more. Then I'd observe the next results and repeat the process again. Years later, I continued to work in a field where I can apply what naturally interests me and what can make people's life better, a little better at least. 


As a professional researcher, I have now the possibility of taking care of the different phases of the research, from ideation to implementation, analysis, and dissemination. Through the use of quantitative and qualitative methods, I can shed light on the perception and experience of the end-users regarding devices and applications with real-world impact, while having the possibility of being creative in the process!

“There is no point in developing a product that the user won't
be able to understand or benefit.”

I am totally committed to my work and the user, and as a professional researcher, I have the skills and experience to investigate a variety of topics, being always thrilled to challenge myself with something new.


Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about my research interests, my past and current work, or just want to say hello.

Expertise and Skills

  • Human behaviour

  • Quantitative research

  • Qualitative research

  • Psychophysics

  • Experimental design

  • Python, R, SPSS, SQL

  • Prototyping

  • UX

  • Data analysis

  • Data reporting

  • Mid-air haptics

  • Photoshop

  • CAD

  • Tableau

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