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understanding HUMAN




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Food lover, baking enthusiasttech friend, and sports addict (need to keep myself moving), I’m a Behavioural Scientist, dedicating my life to exploring and researching the processes and scientific mechanisms underlying human behaviour.

My research lies at the intersection of fundamental science and engineering.
I use a combination of psychological approaches, technologies, quantitative and qualitative measures, mixed with a bit of je ne sais quoi :) to reach my professional objectives.


Learn more about my research and areas of study below.
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The mathematicla formula of a psychometric curve and the graphical representation of it. Psychophysics links human perception and a physical measure of something (e.g., vibrations, noise, weight, etc.).



Throughout my career, I worked on innovative projects that push the boundaries of our knowledge of haptics and multisensory research. I love to take on new challenges and find new ways to solve current problems.

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Sensory Experiences for

Interactive Technologies

H-Reality project logo: a fingerprint

Mixed Haptic Feedback for Mid-Air Interactions in XR

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Touchless Haptic Experiences
with Neurocognitive AI

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Unlocking the complexity of human perception and revealing insights from people's behaviour is a major goal of my research. I really enjoy transforming raw data into knowledge and action points.


Behaviour ⇾ data ⇾ insights.

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