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Paste series 1 - Fileja calabrese

It's pasta time! As we had some good semola rimacinata (Senatore Cappelli variety) we decided to put it to the test while making some pasta al ferretto (originally a stick obtained from the stem of a plant) which is typical from the Calabria region. As we didn't have the right tool, we had to improvise the "ferretto" with a kebab skewer that, in our case, doesn't allow for the filare (to spin) movement needed for this kind of pasta. In the end, we ended up with something a bit more "spiraly" then the original one. It didn't take from the taste anyway, and there was consistency under the tooth, which is something that I need and love for my pasta dishes.

We tried it with two sauces: alla norma (rigorously with ricotta salata cheese) and pesto di pestacchio (rigorously from Bronte, Sicilia).

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